How do I clean my travertine?

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How do I clean my travertine?

By David Churchman, AVID Tile

Now that you have your new travertine installed, how do you take care of it? Travertine is fairly easy to maintain. However, the most important thing that has to be done prior to any maintenance is to seal the stone properly with a QUALITY impregnator. We suggest using MB-4 Sealer/Impregnator. The MB products were developed by a stone expert not a salesman from a chemical company. When applied properly, the MB-4 is guaranteed for 10 years. That's right, you don't have to apply it again for 10 years unlike most products purchased from the home centers and other suppliers. Now that your stone is properly sealed, it is easy to care for. Again we suggest another MB product, MB-1. This product is pH neutral and rinse free. It is good to clean any hard surface with MB-1 as long as the surface is not harmed by water. Special organic salts in its formula act as "moisturizers" thus preventing natural stone from "drying out". It also contains optical brighteners to enhance the finish of the surfaces on which it is used. The MB-1 is highly concentrated so the 1 qt. container will last for a long time. Use it on your marble and granite in order to get rid of the streaks and film left behind by the other so-called stone cleaners.  You can put a capful into a spray bottle with water and use it as a spot cleaner or put an ounce os so in a bucket of water to clean the floors.  It won't streak and there's no rinsing needed.

Order your stone care products directly from our website and you will receive them within a few days. Also available are special products such as the soap scum remover, counter top polish (do not use on floors - they'll be really shiny but will also be very slippery), scratch remover and more!